Wedding Packages

When do I pay the full balance for my Wedding package?

The full balance is due 10 working days before your Wedding Day

How do I pay?

Please pay by BACS transfer

Why do you need a deposit?

We require a deposit of £250.00 to reserve your date. The deposit is non-refundable

Do I need to book a free consultation beforehand?

We like to meet all of our customers before we arrive on the day to film your Wedding. The consultation is free and lasts for approximately one hour. You are under no obligation to book us and we usually meet at your home or at a mutually agreed location

Why do I need to sign a contract?

A written contract is legally binding and is there to protect both parties (the 'client' and 'us' or 'Company') and to make clear the work that is to be carried out, payments to be made and that you agree to our terms and conditions

Do I need to get permission from my Church to film my Wedding ceremony?

Yes. Filming in Churches and other places of worship are now common place however permission must be sought well in advance, especially if you require us to film a choir or organist who usually require a royalty fee. Any fees required by the Church are payable by you

Do we need permission to film in public places such as a local park, leisure area, tourist attraction or in the street?

Yes, in most cases. To avoid any unnecessary confusion or embarrassment should filming have to be halted by the authorities always approach the local council, organiser or appropriate persons responsible and seek permission. Filming in, for example, the Royal Parks requires permission and a filming fee. For most public places permission will be granted and no fee is liable but this needs confirming well before the Wedding or event

Are travel expenses included in the package price?

Yes but only up to a 100 mile radius of our base in Colchester (excludes overseas)

Will you travel to film overseas?

Yes but our travel costs must be met by you including accommodation, however we will pay our travel insurance

Do you have relevant insurances?

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Please ask to see our certification

Why can delivery take anywhere between 8 to 26 weeks to edit my proof?

We aim for 1-3 months delivery but 3-6 months is an acceptable time frame at peak periods. Producing video can be very labour intensive and time consuming, especially during post production editing where we ensure the quality and attention to detail are maintained at all times. We may have to perform colour correction, adjust exposure, add effects, titling and dissolves, mix the sound and so on. Delivery also depends on how busy we are however we do keep you informed every step of the way on how your Wedding film is progressing and it will not usually exceed 6 months, however this may occur if we have not had everything we need from you to complete the edit in advance

Do I have to use Royalty Free music in my Wedding film?

We use royalty free music in our short form wedding films and highlights trailers and we purchase the relevant licences from companies such as Soundstripe, Songfreedom and The Music Bed among others. You can choose which tracks you would like to use from these suppliers but most clients leave it to our discretion.  If we feature a DJ playing copyrighted songs, an organist playing at the Church or a musician performing in your wedding film then we also have to purchase an MCPS/PPL/LM licence.

Can I upload footage of my Wedding film onto social media such as Facebook?

Yes but only if the footage contains royalty free music and does not feature music being played by an organist in a Church, a musician, band, DJ or choir singing as these are usually copyrighted.  Contact us beforehand for advice.  However our highlights trailers are usually designed for you to share online on social media

What time do you start filming my Wedding?

We begin filming when you want us to but bear in mind the amount of hours allocated for each package. For example we film for 8 hours if you purchase the Signature package and because we commit to your day and don't film other Weddings or events on the same day we can start whenever you want us to. Most brides like us to begin filming preparations with the make-up artist and hairdresser in the bridal suite or at their home right the way through to the evening reception. So for this example if you want us to arrive at 11am we film up until 8pm, assuming an hour break whilst you are having your wedding breakfast. You can of course buy more hours on the day if you notify us, this will be invoiced at a later date

Do I need to sign a client release form?

This is optional but we do like to be able to show our work to future clients both online and on printed material. If you agree to your images being shown we do require you to sign the client release form to give us permission to use them. Your images may be shown for an unspecified amount of time depending on our marketing campaigns and the relevancy of the material

Can I have my Wedding film on Blu-ray and DVD?

Yes but they are no longer included in your package as we move away to supplying physical products in favour of streaming digital technology, but you can purchase these separately

How is my Wedding film delivered?

We deliver your wedding film on USB flash drives and online via MediaZilla.  This preserves the HD quality, and in some cases 4K definition, of your wedding film. Proof copies are delivered via MediaZilla.  4K is not yet available via MediaZilla but as of 2018 this is in development

What is 4K?

The 4K format is commonly known as UHD (Ultra High Definition) and most new Smart TV's are equipped with 4K screens which means the definition is 4 times more clearer than 1080 HD.  We film at 3840 x 2160 resolution for home cinema screens. To show theatrically on a cinema screen we can film at 4096 x 2160 resolution (ask for details).

What is MediaZilla?

This is a private online platform where you can watch, share, stream and download your videos.  Think of it as a Blu Ray online.  Your wedding film is now instantly accessible to anyone you wish to share it with via an email invite (using the URL link) and it can play on any compatible device such as a Smart TV, Smart Blu Ray player, digital media players (eg: Google Chromecast), tablets, mobile phones, laptops, computers and games consoles.  MediaZilla have developed an app for Apple TV (4th generation onwards).  More apps will be developed for other devices in the future.

Can we negotiate on price?

Our current prices are as stated and we do not usually negotiate on these as you are buying into a package (pre-production, filming, post production, digital delivery, insurances, travel & admin costs)

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes in accordance with the contract you signed but you will lose your deposit as this is non-refundable. Please note the time periods stated in our contract about cancelling our service before the full balance is payable

Can I purchase the master tapes/files?

No, the master tapes are the property of Colbridge Media Services Ltd and are not for sale.  Our contract states that we own all footage taken on the day and we reserve the right to protect our creative integrity and copyright

Can I make copies of the files or discs for my own use?

No, you are not permitted to make copies as this is a breach of our terms & conditions and copyright

Do you stream digital copies for mobile devices or 'ultra-violet' versions using cloud technology?

We use MediaZilla to privately stream your film, we do not use any other streaming services

If I have a complaint who do I report it to?

In the first instance please direct any complaints for our attention so we can resolve the issue for you

How long do you keep my footage?

We usually keep the original recorded media for a period of 12 months, after this it is wiped to make space on our hard drives. We always keep a digital copy of the edited videos for our records in our hard drive library and in the Cloud.

These FAQ's are not exhaustive and are regularly updated